Logic Pro 9 using exs sampler instruments in ultrabeat


i'm having a problem loading a exs sampler instrument i've made into ultrabeat.
first of all, i simply cannot find my own sampler instruments through the import button in ultrabeat. in fact, inside the logic folder there are several folders that i cannot see in finder and when i open the sampler instruments folder the contents of it is completely different to what i see in finder in the same location. this is driving me completely mad, although i've found a way to work around it... i can find the sampler instrument in finder and i've dragged and dropped onto the assignment section in ultrabeat.
ok, so far so good.
the problem is that the sampler instrument i'm trying to use in ultrabeat is made from a few long samples, but cut into short samples using the sample start+end. HOWEVER, when the sampler instrument is loaded into ultrabeat, ultrabeat doesn't playback from the "sample start"-time, it plays back from 0 - the beginning of the full sample. is there a way to make this stop? alternatively i've thought about cutting the long samples into shorter ones (again, in the sample start+end locations), but i don't know how to do this in logic! then i'd have to start from square in a wave editor (and obviously, what i've copied in logic's sample editor cannot be pasted into a wave editor!). i'm sure there must be an easier way!! i sure hope so, i am going slightly crazy! :brkwl:

thank you.
Dragging EXS24 instruments from Finder may be the quickest and easiest option. You could also hit "F" in Logic to open the Browser, then navigate to your sampler instrument folder.

Why not open the samples in the sample editor, select the area you want, then in the Sample Editor local Audio File menu, choose "Save Selection As" to create a new sample file of the exact length needed.

I'm not sure why UB is playing the full sample vs your indicated Start time. Not sure if UB can read this? or if it's some sort of insect?

My new favorite Logic work flow is to create EXS24 drum kits, then drag that instrument on to UB for easy multi output assignment.
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alright, that wasn't as hard as i though it would be, although i wish i could just directly import the instruments.
thanks a lot!

yeah, that's exactly what i wanted to do! well, one reason i wanted to do this...
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