Logic Pro 8 Using Guitar Rig 4 in Logic (8)


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Greetings; new member, and new Guitar Rig/Rig Kontrol user.
I'm wondering who else here uses GR inside Logic (I still have only 8), and how they're using it.

I've recently learned from the NI forum that you have to monitor GR when in Logic from the Kontrol's headphone outs; can't hear it from inside Logic, i.e., using the computer outs in my case, as I have no other external i/o devices.

I find this hard to believe, since I can use GR inside GarageBand using only the computer outs with no problem. Anyway, on this and any other aspects of Guitar Rig+Logic, I'd love to hear from other users, or perhaps learn of other forums where the topic is discussed (besides the NI forums, of course).

Hi - new here too (1st post) & I too cannot work out how to hear GR (3&4) in Logic 8.
My sound device is a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 & my guitar is connected to it. It registers on the main output of the Pro40 but logic will only register the naked guitar tone...
the irony is if I use my Line6 UX-1 & the Line 6 software logic has no problem "seeing" the tones...
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