Using ITB reverb when mixing OTB


I am mixing out of the box where the tracks are in Logix Pro X and outputted via the different DA converter channels to a different channels on the mixer (the normal way). But I like to use reverb plug ins for the processed analog tracks. So I take the signals from the direct outs on the mixer and has set up tracks in Loigic that take this signals via the different AD converter channels. I then put the outputs form these tracks back to the mixer. If I have software monitoing on and have these channels record enabled I am able to get the signal flow going. But how can I get the reverb included here? The signal I am getting back to the mixer is without any plugins included unfortunately.This must be a set up a lot of mixers utilise to be able to use plug in reverbs I would assume.

Peter Ostry

Staff member
Route the input channels (!) of Logic to Aux channelstrips and either put a reverb plugin in each Aux or collect (bus) them as you like. From the Aux(es) go out to the mixer.

This way you can switch software monitoring off because Aux channel do not it.