Logic Pro 7 & earlier using logic 7.2.3 on a quad-core with OS 10.4.11


I recently got a used quad-core Mac Pro (2x2.8 GHz) with 6GB of ram. It has a 320GB primary hard drive and 1TB secondary drive. The drives were completely wiped when I got it, not even an OS installed on them, since it was my friend's computer previously -- this was so that I could I literally just clone over my MacBook Pro drive to the new startup drive and boot it up. Which I did and that went just fine.

The performance is amazing to say the least - I love watching the system performance and how much faster things are working, and all of my tracks that used to be frozen are unfrozen and work terrifically - however I am having an issue, which is this : Logic 7.2 is crashing about every 10 mins with no explanation (I have the error logs saved).

I am guessing this is because Logic 7.2 is not optimized for quad-core. And the problem is I am using Logic 7 Academic which means, I have to buy the full version of Logic Studio ($500), which will them require a Snow Leopard update for another $150.

Anyone else have issues with this ? Any advice ? I feel like I should cave in and just buy the full Logic Studio and Snow Leopard but I don't want to pay the $$ unless I totally have to.