Logic Pro 9 Using Logic 8 Key Commands in Logic 9


Does anyone know if there is a way to import the Logic 8 Key Commands into Logic 9?

I had to delete my preferences recently to do some debugging, and now all the key commands I've grown familiar with are not there, and it's damn annoying to search for all of their functions.

Is there any way to get "Classic" key commands or is my only option to learn the new ones or map them all myself?

Why not open Logic 8, export it's key commands, then import them into Logic 9 again?

Although, it makes sense to me to examine what has changed between L 8 and L 9 and see why there have been KC changes ... just a thought.

kind regards

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Be careful if you go to the V9 ones: some are different than the manual or documentation says. Check the recent update info to find out what's what.

That said, I'd suggest working with the V9 key commands, it makes it allot easier to move around if you have to work at another studio, and if things ever get messed up, you just have to reset them. Only took me a while to get used to them...
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My .02: I use my own combination of key commands, a few are legacy from L8 and earlier. If I'm working at another studio, I bring my commands in, import them and replace them when I'm done. Quite easy. However, if two people share the program it runs into problems. That said, switching key commands just takes a moment.

I will add I hate to work on a laptop keyboard. I always bring my own full size to the studio.
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