Logic Pro 8 Using logic 8 with Alesis ADAT

I am trying to help a friend transfer files from an Alesis xt20 type II to Logic using a Presonus firestudio 26/26. We are able to get it connected with light pipe but when we run the signal from the ADAT all he gets is a very hot signal of what seems to be white noise. We can hear the tracks on the adat playing through headphones connected to the Presonus Firestudio but nothing except this noise is coming into Logic. I would great appreciate any suggestions to help us get this connected correctly so he can transfer his ADAT tapes to Logic. His set-up is connected to an iMac computer. Thanks!

Ine needs to be the clock master, the other, the slave (digital clock is what I'm talking about).

In this case, I suggest you make the adat the master clock, set the presonus to the same sample rate, and select slave for the digital clock source.

How many adats do you have? And do you have a smpte sync box of some kind (a BRC or something like it)?

All these things can make a difference.

George Leger III

I'm not sure if my buddy has a sync box but I'll check into that and let you know. I believe he has 3 adat machines but is just trying to sync one of them for now. thanks for the help!


Pete Thomas

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Sorry if this is complete garbage, it's years since I used ADATs, but could it be that the ADAT optical is 8 channels, and you are connecting to a 2 channel optical input? I vaguely remember trying something similar and this was the issue.

Thanks for the replies. So far, not having much success; hoping more people that have done this will post something. It does not seem like it should be this hard but I also recall the challenges I had years ago when I wanted to sync my Roland VS-1880 to Pro Tools. Got it working but it took a couple of hours with tech support from Sweetwater. My friend bought the gear used so he has no place to get free tech support except from users like us. Thanks again for those replies I've received so far! :)

Pete Thomas

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Oh well, as I thought I was actually talking garbage, the lightpipe I/Os are 8 channel.

However (IMO) just because the gear was used doesn't mean you shouldn't get technical support though.