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Not sure if this is the right place for this but Ive grown tired of lugging around my AC30 and 32x16" pedalboard so I've wondered about using my laptop in a live situation. Now I really like the tones I can get from Logic, running my guitars through my RMC Wizard and Digitech Whammy II into my M-Audio Profire 610 then to my Macbook Pro. It sounds great for recording purposes but I was wondering how this would sound live.

Also would it be possible to use a MIDI Footswitch to change between different Channel Strip Settings? If so, how exactly would I set a footswitch to change channel strips or bypass plugins.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


anytime I've ever seen someone use any amp simulator live it never sounded right, there is something about a guitar speaker and air, that live I think you'd miss. FWIW I carry around a 100 lb Egnater tourmaster to gigs
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Peter Ostry

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With Logic 9 you get the program Mainstage 2 and this is made for live playing and has almost the same channelstrips as Logic. And the same plugins. You can use a foot controller to switch between several sounds, they are called "patches". Each patch is a row of channelstrips. This is more than you ask for and the performance is really good.

However, if you play through an audio interface and software, you will always get a bit of latency. You may think about good monitoring (the AC30? ;)) because with the PA alone you might feel a bit "lonesome".

The sound of the Logic 9 "Pedalboard" and "Amp Designer" is good and you can tweak it to make it better. I recommend reading Orren Merton's Amp Designer review here at the LUG forum.

Mainstage is also included in Logic 8 but Mainstage 2 is better and the Pedalboard and Amp Designer were introduced with Logic 9.
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