Using M-Tron Audio Units in Logic Express 8


New Member

I'm a new user of Logic Express 8, and I'm trying to figure out where to put the files for my M-Tron plug-in to get them to work. There is a plug in file called M-Tron carbon, and also a file with the Mellotron sounds or presets.

I tried to get this to work on an older iMac, running Cubase VST 5, but could only get the plug in to run as a VST instrument - I was unable to play the sounds via my MIDI keyboard. I could only play them pressing the on-screen keys with the mouse, one-at-a-time.

My Logic Express 8 computer is an old eMac G4/1.25 Ghz with 1 GB memory. The disc with the M-Tron software is a very old copy, cross-platform that will work with Windows or Mac.

Any ideas or tips are greatly appreciated.