Logic Pro 8 Using Protools Sync with Midi Beat Clock to Control Logic 8...


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Hello All,

I need to be able to have Protools Sync control Logic 8, soon to be upgraded to Logic 9 (Studio) for loops during recording sessions. I'm a drummer, and I need to have the sync come from the Protools system via Midi Beat Clock, or other DAW with Midi Beat Clock, so that everything to is gridded out nicely in protools and it saves the engineer time, etc.

I've got the sync button activated in my toolbar in Logic, and I seem to have all the correct settings, yet nothing happens when the engineer sends me Midi Best Clock. Which, as I understand it, is something different from Midi Time Code or SMPTE. We took the signal directly out of the back of the of the Digi Sync, so it's not a patching issue. Does anyone have the answer to this?

Also, I'm using a Presonus Firebox with the Midi breakout cable to get the Midi Beat Clock into the my computer. Is there some setting there that is not correct perhaps? I haven't found a place to deal with any Midi settings within any of its control panels.