Logic Pro 8 Using space designer on aux channel


New Member
Hi guys, i could do with some clarification on a small issue i have.

I have recorded a guitar track which is panned slightly to the right and have it sent to a Space Designer plugin on an aux channel, so i can solo the aux channel and hear just the reverb.

Now, i'm not sure whether to use the 'post-pan' or 'pre-pan' settings. When i select 'pre-pan', and then solo the aux channel, it sounds as if the guitar is at the centre of the stereo field (the focus of the reverb if you like, is in the centre). But when i select 'post-pan', the reverb sounds as if it is only on the right channel, without it spreading across the stereo field.

Is there a way to get the 'centre' of the reverb to match the positioning of the guitar, i.e. on the right, yet still spread across the stereo field?

I hope i have explained this clearly enough for you to understand what i am blathering on about! Anyway, any help would be immensely appreciated.