Logic Pro 9 Using the Mod Wheel


I'm fairly new to Logic and am looking for help integrating my midi controller with Logic. For instance, how do I set my mod wheel and drum pads up? Any advice would be much appreciated, or if you know of any tutorials out there, please let me know.
With a standard keyboard, the mod wheel and pitch bend wheel should be automatically recognized. If you are using a control surface, like Mackie, Novation SL series, etc, or a combination kb-controller like the SL MKII, those devices usually have DAW setup guides. If it is solely a control surface, then you need to set it up in Logic's preferences -> control surfaces, adding it, and telling it which midi ports to use. Then you likely need to go to the clicks and ports layer of the environment, and run cables to a new monitor item from the midi ports that will control this device.

Tell what kind of controller you have, and someone can surely help you.
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I have the same controller at home.
I've once set up the faders and knobs to not interfere with "generic" controllers (mainly CC7, CC10, CC11, level, pan and expression) and to not interfere with certain generic synth controllers (mainly CC71 and 74, cutoff and resonance). So they're sending out CCs between 15 and 31. In case I really want to utilize these faders/knobs, I occasionally use Logics MIDI learn function (something I don't like too much, but that might be beyond the point already), but usually I configure these on the synths themselves. In general, I don't use them all that much anyway. I usually get along fine with the Mod- and PitchWheel only. Using the faders/knobs for mixing purposes IMO isn't a good idea because they're tiny and (unlike a motorized controller) offer no tactile feedback.

For the drum pads, I once configured them to suit a GM style drumset, but to be honest, while I seemed to like them at first, I'm basically back to plain keyboard programming/recording. In any case, if you plan to use them, it might be a better idea to buy some dedicated drum plugin (I'm using NIs Battery), simply because these have MIDI learn functionalities for individual keys, something no internal Logic plugin offers (quite a shame when it comes to Ultrabeat). I don't need to change my drumpad output notes all the time, only because I switched to another drumpatch. I simply use MIDI learn on Battery and have everything mapped to my personal desire. But then, as said, I basically went back to plain keyboard drumming.

FWIW, I don't use the transport controllers on the Axiom at all. Maybe I should check them out one day, but as I'm a guitar player mainly, I'm getting along fine with my QWERTZ keyboard and a bunch of customized keycommands.

In the end, I only use a fraction of what the Axiom has on offer. I still quite like the keys, so that's fine with me.

- Sascha
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