Logic Pro 9 Using VSL, Play, and Kontakt in 64 bit Logic Pro

Anybody using all 3 sample players in a composing system in a 64bit Logic Pro setup?

The reason I'm asking is this: before everybody went 64 bit, and could freely grab the ram they needed, each sample player used a 64 bit sample storage scheme. The problem was that they would grab all available ram for themselves, not allowing the others to access ram at the same time... A big hassle.

Now, with things all being 64 bit, these "audio server" methods no longer apply.

So my thinking is this: with 48 GB of ram, one should now be able to mix and match from all the library players and types, and not have any issues...

Anybody doing this, and if so, is it working, and what are the things you need to be aware of?


George Leger III

Gravity Jim

Yeah, theoretically, that should be fine. But you might be hard pressed to find someone on this forum that is running that exact setup. I'm using Kontakt in 64 bit mode and it works great without the NI memory server, and plays nicely with Apple's sample-based instruments.... but those are the only samplers I'm using.
My advice is to have the Play instruments load first, as Kontakt...err...reserves RAM. Or turn off the memory server in Kontakt, which is not really necessary with Logic 64 bit.

BTW, I thought that you were a VE Pro guy like me?
I have a client who uses them all right now, and we are trying to get from 3 computers to 1 if we can... or at least get all the main voices used in one system.

Gravity Jim

I think the point of 64-bit is that all the RAM in your system is available to the host, and while I can't be certain, other expert users of Logic have indicted that using third-party memory management, like NI memory server, is actually detrimental under 64-bit operation.

Me, I'd just try loading it all up in the host and see what it takes to break it.