Logic Pro X Utilizing Soundtrack Pro Loops missing in Logic X


One thing I noticed about Logic Pro installed on my MacBook Pro as Logic X only, and my iMac which first had Logic 9 is that the former is lacking in a lot of sound cinematic sound effects that came with the former.

I did a search in the Apple Loops folder in Audio files on my iMac and found a folder called Audio Loops for Sountrack Pro which does not exist on my MacBook. So I copied it onto a USB drive and copied into the Apple Loops folder in the hopes that they would appear in the Audio Loops Packs list. They did not even though they are the same file .caf format as the ones downloaded by the Sound Library Manager.

So, I messed about then found that I could drag them straight in from Finder onto the Track Workspace area of the Logic window-

Not as convenient as pulling them from the Loops Browser window, but if you want a much greater variety of sounds such as city streets, many types of footsteps, door knocks, human sounds such as gasps, breathing, etc. without having to pay a third party, use your old Audio Loops for Soundtrack Pro if you can still access them.