Logic Pro 9 varispeed query


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I've several question regarding the varispeed function in logic 9. First of all if you use speed+pitch function is it only slowing down the playback rate so that if I real time bounced a project slowed down, and then sped up the bounced audio file to the orignal speed would it sound any different from the original.

Secondly does anybody know whether varispeed includes all eq settings for example if I was to have eq settings on the master channel would they be corresponding to the shifted frequencies.

And thirdly whats up with offline bouncing? It just seems to flatten all sounds?


1. The time and pitch machine is a destructive process, whereas Flex's varispeed is not. So you may get some nasty artifacts using both.

EDIT: I misunderstood the question at first. You'll still probably get artifacts depending on what format you bounce to. The best thing for you to do is try it out and see. When you bounce, there are too many variables.

2. All effects are applied after varispeed. So yes, EQ affects the time and pitch shifted frequencies. Use just the speed option of varispeed if you don't want to adjust the EQ settings.

3. What do you mean by flatten the sounds?
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