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I've recently bought a Roland TD-3 drum kit which I have midi-connected to trigger Logic's drum kits. All the pads are generating correct sounds in Logic using the standard midi mapping. The thing is I would like to assign each pad to a track, respectively, which enables me to mix the drums as if they were recorded like an acoustic kit.

Kick on track 1
Snare on track 2
Hi-hat closed on track 3
Hi-hat open on track 4
etc etc

Anyone who knows how to do this?

Anyone who knows how to do this?
Simply use the "Key Limit" track parameter in the Inspector to limit recording on that track to the desired note. You may create multiple tracks assigned to the same instrument (Track -> New with Same Channel Strip/Instrument).

Another way is to record the drum session on one track, and then use the menu command MIDI -> Separate MIDI Events -> By Note Pitch. This will create one track per drum instrument.


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Multi-output Drum Kit

Not sure which of Logic's Drum Kits you are using, but you also need to create a multi-output version of it. This way not only are the MIDI notes on separate tracks (which for your purposes is mildly useful) but you can mix and effect each discrete drum through it's own mixer output as if it were an acoustic kit separately mic'ed...
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Hi Eddie!
Thanks for the additional information. That's exactly what I'm looking for; freedom to treat the recorded tracks individually. I've used something called "Pop Drum Kit" if I recall correctly. I get confused here because suddenly I mix things up regarding input and output. If the incoming midi signal is split up using the "separate midi events" as Petrosil suggested, then there should already be one track per drum? From my narrow point of view that would be enough to be able to mix and use effects within Logic? What I'm I missing here? I'm afraid I need som further guidance :) I'll try things out tonight, perhaps it all get clearer when I start to work on it.

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Yes but MIDI tracks are simply the 'score' or the directions for playing the drums. The drums' audio is still coming out of the same 2 virtual outputs of the VI you are using. You need to create a Multi-Instrument version of the VI and assign the individual drums to the multiple virtual outputs. Then each drum can have it's own effects, panning, independent levels, etc...

Logic Users should not confuse MIDI tracks, which are exactly like sheet music and are simply directions for triggering electronic musical instruments, with Audio Tracks which contain the actual 'sound' or audio files of the recorded instruments. Think of a cello player reading sheet music. The paper does not make a sound, the cello does, and even though the sheet music is causing the cello player to play music on the cello, you do mot mic up the sheet music, you mic up the cello player to get audio. MIDI tracks are like that sheet music.
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