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In the piano roll view, it seems like I should be able to select all notes in a region, drag their velocities up or down so that the high or low notes stick at the boarder and then move the whole thing back without it going back to the way it was originally, in other words compress. I can drag the whole group down and that compresses it nicely. Now how do I add an amount to get the whole group back up to a reasonable velocity? I've fooled around with the transform, but it keeps popping lines between pitch etc. I can't find how to add a specific amount easily. I want to keep the basic shape but bring up the notes that are too low and lower the notes that are too high.

I've tried to search in help, but for some reason, since I upgraded to Lion, the help is not happening.
Try using the "dynamics" field in the Region Paramater Box. This is designed for exactly what you are looking for, compressing or expanding MIDI velocities.

Values below 100% compress the velocity range; ie: the distance between loud and soft note velocities gets reduced.

Values above 100% expand the velocity range; ie: the soft notes get softer, loud notes get louder.
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That doesn't actually change the data, though, does it? There is no reflexion of the gain change in the note velocities. The notes still have the same colors and the data is spread as it was.
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The fact that the changes are non destructive is generally regarded as a good thing :D You can "normalize" the changes (ie: make them permanent) from under the MIDI menu in the Arrange Window. The velocities will then reflect the new values.


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