Logic Pro 9 Very basic question, please help!


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Hi guys,

I have been a Logic (PC) user since the early days, but have been inactive since they stopped making Logic for windows.

I have finally decided to jump ship to Apple and have bought myself a new iMac.

What I'm trying to figure out is what I need to buy if I want to get Logic on my new machine.

I know this sounds like a stupidly basic question, but there seem to be quite a few options at very different prices.

Firstly - I saw this option on the Mac App Store at £139.99:


Then I saw this 'Studio' version on dabs at pretty much the same price:


....and I'm not sure if either of these is the same as the one I've just seen on Amazon at three times the price!


Can someone briefly talk me through this?

I'm just looking to do some reasonably basic sequencing using both real and virtual instruments and have always liked the usability of Logic over its rivals.

Thanks all,



Hi Sam,

About a month ago, Apple repackaged the current version of Logic and cut the price in half. The "old" Logic Studio included some additional apps. Mainly Soundtrack Pro, Waveburner, and Mainstage.

They have since altered the bundle. Logic Pro is now available as a downlaod-able app at half the price. It is the exact same Logic Pro that was previously available in the bundle called "Logic Studio". And all the same Logic Pro content is included.

What is absent form the new version are the additional apps. Waveburner and Soundtrack Pro seem to have disappeared. Mainstage is now available as a separate app for about $30 US.

I would not hesitate to purchase the new App store version at this point.
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Pete Thomas

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Don't worry, many of us are confused by the new developments.

Before version 9.1.6, Logic came boxed as you see on Amazon and dabs. It also came bundled with over software, mainstage, wave burner, (I think) Soundtrack Pro and compressor (video compression). These may or may not be useful to you.

Since 9.1.6 which is download only, I think you just get Logic without the other apps, and presumably the other apps are or will be available separately.

It looks like the dabs version is an upgrade (from what I don't know, it just says upgrade from Pro or studio, which appears to be the same thing)

I would recommend you get it from the Appstore if you just want sequencing and audio.
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Thanks very much both, very useful info! Will download the App Store one, not sure I'll need the add-ons at the moment so the audio/sequencer package should do the job!
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J Fo

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Hey Fading,

What Pete and Eli are saying is right on point. The bigger question is when will Apple release Logic 10? Logic 9 has been out for quite a long time, and the 2012 NAMM Show is just around the corner (starting Jan 19th), so you may want to wait until the 19th to click 'purchase.' I am not totally sure what the grandfather period is like for a Logic purchase this close to NAMM, but I don't want to see you buy it, then have to immediately buy an upgrade in a few weeks.

Please keep that in mind.

J Fo
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