Logic Pro 9 Very Confused about logic app support folder system



After looking through the logic application support folder (User/Library/AppSuport/Logic) I am confused about something. First some backround.

I installed logic 9.1.1 from disc on a 2011 I7 Imac. I then upgraded to 9.1.3. Everything seems to be working fine. So here is what is confusing me.

Following the path (User/Library/AppSuport/Logic) I find the following folders Channel Strip Settings
Data Management Settings
Key Commands
Plug-In Settings
Sampler Instruments

If i continue the path to any of the additional subfolders I find that they are all empty. So as an example User/Library/AppSuport/Logic/Sampler Instruments has nothing in it

While looking through my computer I found another application support folder for logic here
That leads me to the following folders
Key Commands
Logic Studio Demo Songs (this is where "The Numbers Game" session is"
Plugin Settings
Project templates

Is this normal? Why is all this stuff in my downloads folder? Why does it have different folders than the one that is not found in downloads?

I noticed whats inside the folders is different. Example:

User/Library/AppSuport/Logic/PluginSettings shows a bunch of subfolders that when clicked on are totally empty, while user/downloads/archive/library/AppSupport/Logic/Pluginsettings shows different subfolders which for the most part have a .plist file.

I should once again mention that it seems everything on my system is working. I can load all the logic plugins and they all have their presets. I am just very confused as to why there are two different app support folders for logic and why one of them is located with in my downloads folder.

Thanks in advance for any insight

Pete Thomas

Staff member
That's right. All the settings (presets and factory instruments) are installed into those folders you mention in the root library. You'll find them all there.

When you create your own channel strips, exs instruments etc, then they should be in the equivalent directories in user.

This makes sense if you think about it, updates or reinstallations will overwrite what's in the root, but will leave your user created settings alone.

I'm not sure what the user/downloads directories are about though, but you can probably safely ignore them.
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