Logic Pro 9 very different file sizes


I had a problem the other week where I couldn't write to my audio HD. I 'saved as' to another disk. I bought several HDs and rearranged my data and now everything is okay. However the file I 'saved as', and since dragged to my new audio HD, is only a fraction as big as the original file. I'm curious as to why? Will I discover some things are missing later?
Screen shot didn't appear. I'll try here.


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I have no idea whether this applies to Logic, but:

Some applications don't rewrite the entire file when you save. They might just add stuff to the end of the file to reflect changes, and so the file can expand over time. They might do this to reduce the amount of time it takes to perform the save operation. When you "save as", a new file is written without the redundant info, resulting in a smaller file. Some MS stuff worked this way.
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