Logic Pro 9 very low frequencies


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For special automation purposes I would need to get very low frequencies from Logic.
I mean frequencies from 0,5 Hz to 40!
Does anyone have some idea about this subject?
You say "automation", so you want numbers? It is possible to build an LFO in the Logic Environment (with adjustable waveform). Here is a screenshot but I don't have the original file anymore: LFO for automation

If you want an audio LFO, you may try the Plogue Bidule plugin right in Logic. There is a basic oscillator for frequencies 0-20 kHz and several waveforms. I don't know how Bidule can convert the audio output of the oscillator to MIDI but I think it is possible.

You can of course build all kinds of oscillators in applications like Max/MSP and send them to Logic.
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Thank you very much! All your informations are really useful. I'll try all those ways.
Anyway for my automation setting I don't need numbers but "sound".
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