Logic Pro 9 Very low volume when bouncing to disk.


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Okay i JUST signed up here. Let me fill you in on my recent history with Logic, and some circumstances regarding my issue.

I bounced a few projects the other day.. No issues at all. The volume was pretty normal like the rest of the music i listen to on my computer.

There are no changed settings it seems on both my Interface (M-Audio Fast Track Pro) and in Logic 9 between the projects with and without the issue.

So i have no clues to where this problem is occurring.

When in Logic, it is all normal volume levels, and there is no issue at all. Only after bouncing is there a problem.

Any help would be very much appreciated. I've searched around this forum, and haven't found a solid post or answer with these circumstances.

Screenshots below as attachments.


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Alright yeah.

Well i looked at the waveforms.

Noticed that there was a tiny segment of a guitar track that happened to be peaking higher than the rest.

I listened to it and it sounded like my speakers were blown. I'm unsure of the cause of the sound. But with that being too high, Logic automatically limited the volume of the entire bounce i guess to avoid crossing its threshold.
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In the BOUNCE dialogue box you have 3 Normalize options:

1. OFF (hmmm, I wonder what this means??)

2. Overload Protection Only (this can actually REDUCE the volume if Logic detects audio that would exceed 0dB)

3. ON (regular normalize, which will only increase the volume if Logic detects that the maximum is less than 0dB. If the audio is at or over 0dB, Logic does nothing).
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