Logic Pro 8 Video card to drive 3rd monitor


I do a lot of music for advertising so I'm constantly working with picture. I'd like to have a third monitor just for the video. Can someone recommend a card for my Mac Pro 8 core. I don't have any PCI cards so all slots are open. Is there a specific slot that a second video card should go in? Thanks!

i work with 3 monitors as well with the 3rd for picture...i bought another of the standard cards they ship with..ati HD2600 ( from an auction of someone who was upgrading) works fine here.. i put it in the slot above the video card already in there, after googling around for info.
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Have you heard of a device called a tripplehead, it is one in three out dvi box, and it gives you three monitors from one signal. 1024x768 3 times.
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I used to have 2 x 17 inch screens and a TV as my third screen for video playback. I wanted to upgrade all of this so I debated whether to get 2 x 24" or 1 x 30". The question was answered when Logic went version 8 with it's new unified window arrangement. With this new layout it made sense to have one big screen rather than 2 smaller ones that add up to around the same amount of pixels.

It has really revolutionised my workflow having one big screen for logic. One of my old 17" LCD's is still connected, and other than making a good quality video playback screen when I'm working to pictures it rarely does anything more than run a meter bridge.

I know it's not what you asked but if you did decide to go this road you would not need another monitor card as any 8 core graphics card will support up to 2 x 30" screens.I also know it's more money than a $200 graphics card and an extra screen, but there are other major benefits involved.

Kind regards
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I'm with Paul on this.. 30" monitors are the go!!
I have a 30" and a 22" to the side, which I use for RME digicheck and general finder housekeeping etc.
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Thanks Paul. I've got a 24" that I have Logic's arr. page on. My second monitor which is an 18" is mainly for my plugin windows like RMX etc. I have another 18" monitor that I'm not using and want to have that for a big video window display as I'm scoring commercials....but yes a 30" would be fantastic....some day perhaps! :)


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i find my 24" way big enough on my desk with a 17" on either side..one for the "mixer" and plug ins the other for vid playback.. a 30" would interfere with my C speaker. :)
my personal preference is that i like the differentiated spaces.. and my clients can see the pictures while im in front of the main monitor.
2x 30" !!! jeekers id have to get a bicycle to get from one side to the other. :)
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i still prefer multi monitors. I love being able to have things on separate screens and drag them back and forth. Also. most of the big screens are more horizontally space using than vertical and with the large track list and score page I use, vertical is more important.
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