Logic Pro Video playback appears out of sync, audio is late


When syncing audio to video if I play the video back in logic it appears to be out of sync, all the audio is a bit late but when I watch it frame by frame it is perfectly in sync with the video. Does anyone know what's going on here? Are there settings that I can adjust to fix this?
I would add that when I export audio to movie everything is in sync, this is just happening when I'm auditioning the video in Logic.

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Are you on an M1 Mac?

I've had this happen and had to double check the display panel and correct the refresh rate to match my monitor and also experiment with color profiles.

I know it sounds kind of weird, but it helped on my MacStudio.
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Hi wonshu, Thanks for the info. Yes, this issue started with M1 and now I'm on M2 with the same issue. I double-checked all the monitor settings and everything looks good. I'm also having the same issue on two different screens. I'll be experimenting with apple prores today and see if that improves performance. I'll post here if I have any success.
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