Video Tutorials Mackie Control with Logic?


Dear fellows,

read the Logic manual about that.

But for me all is a little bit too theoretical.

Are there any video tutorials about Mackie Control with Logic available elsewhere?

Thanks in advance.



Good stuff Eli.. I remember that from a few years back.

I think it really brings home the point of the MCU.. It's an extremely well thought out and well designed bit of gear that others are still trying to catch up to. There are many devices out there that try to emulate it, but fall short when it comes to the second level of functionality, such as the EQ modes etc. (especially the iPad MCU emulators... none of which seem to have gotten this right and the lack of physical knobs buttons and faders, mean you can't take your eye off them either).

EQ + Vpot 8 is a go to for me daily... as is Send + Vpot 7.

The Logic/Mackie Control is an absolute credit to Michael Haydn.


Hey Matt,

Thanks. I was just re-reading it myself, relearning things! Sadly, I've become lazy in recent years and fallen back on the mouse more than I care to admit. I've forgotten a lot of the less upfront features through lack of use. :(


Not a video, but maybe this will be useful. It's a few years old, but still relevant:
Dear Eli,

thanks for this one, did not know it.

If you would make a new tutorial for MCU, MCU XT, MCU C4 (it doesn't matter if for Pro-versions or not) I would be the first peron who would order it without thinking.:)

More tutorials available elsewhere?