Logic Pro 8 Vienna Instruments/Logic Pro 8 problems


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Does anyone have any experience using Logic Pro 8 with Vienna Instruments' SE Strings? When I open Logic it simply says:

"An Error has occurred with an installed Audio Unit Plug-in

Logic Pro unexpectedly quit while trying to use the Audio Unit "Vienna Instruments" by "VSL".
This plug-in may require an update.

Any ideas? The Vienna Instruments are working in standalone mode but Logic is not having it...

I am using an iMac w/ 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo, 4GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, OSX 10.5.6

I've tried to re-install the newest VI software to no avail.

Need help!?
I can tell you all works fine here. Have you installed both the instrument and the ensemble version?

V2 or V3?

I also suggest looking into your preferences files and trash any for all Vienna Symphonic apps.

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Also check that you have the latest versions of Licence Control Center as well as VSL Directory Manager etc.

For more advice, you should also join the VSL forums:

The VSL team often respond directly and users there are very polite and helpful.

Actually, don't. the "current" version of the LCC that I got off the Syncrosoft web site broke my key. I actually lost my Cubase and Nuendo licenses.

I went and found (at the Steinberg web site I think) and things were back to normal, other than the loss of the 2 Steinberg apps.

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