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Hey guys, I know I am digging up a bit of deadthread here, but I think it applies.

I just bought sibelius 7. I compose on logic 7, and so far I don't feel like upgrading. The composer who I work with wanted sibelius because she had a few issues with logic's scoring. When recording(with midi, using east west's "play" sampler) into the score window, only the line being played in will show. This means she can not look at the rest of the score while she plays it in. This is the main reason we added sibelius to our library. If anyone knows this problem and has a solution, I am all ears. keep in mind it is logic 7. If this has changed in new versions then it might be time for an upgrade.
In Logic 9 you can definitely have the score window open while recording, and see all the other parts. It's also possible in Logic 7.

Unless I am misunderstanding the issue.
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Switch link mode off in the score window.
Double-click the background to display full score.
Hit record.
I just tried in Logic 7 - it works just fine.
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I've seen this happen quite a lot, ie people dismissing Logic's score for reasons that are more connected with their not having got to grips with Logic rather than any issues with the score. I'm not saying there aren't issues with the score, or that Logic is as easy to use as other apps.

I think one problem it has in this regard is the architecture of the application is based on it being a DAW and MIDI sequencer as well, plus it has some very deep and complex features which are your friend if you know how to use them, but your enemy if you don't (e.g. linking windows)
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