Logic Pro 9 virtual instrument bypass via external controller


Hi all,
is there anyone that could explain me how to assign a bypass function of a virtual instrument in Logic Pro 9 to an external midi controller knob or button? That would help me saving a lot of cpu while playing live, without having to use the trackpad and looking at the computer monitor. As for the inserts of the channel strip I know how to do the thing - using midi learn in Controller Assignments tab - but I can't figure it out if trying to obtain the same thing on the virtual instrument itself.

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One may argue why I am not using MainStage for playing live. The reason is that it crashes too easily. When I buy a new Mac I will try MainStage 3, but as for now I stay with Logic 9.


I am sorry, how can I insert images so to appear bigger?
This is always the "Switch" Section, a bit closer, divide in two images.

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