VIs on the mac pro 8 core


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Im thinking of getting a mac octo 2.26 with 6gig of ram. How well does it handle the VIs? I have NI Komplete 5 and I want to preload about 30 VIs in a template and go from there. I dont use them all, but I have my favourite sounds there ready to go instead of having to browse through 1000s of presets. Lots of rumours about the hexacore mac pro coming out soon, but if there is a lot of headroom with the octocore, then Ill just go ahead and buy that instead of waiting around. So basically, my question is, can anyone give me an example of how much of a beast the octocore is in regards to handling VIs?
If you want a Nehalem, wait until the new MacPro is out.... which might be tomorrow, then high tail it to your nearest Apple Store. You have to go to an official Apple Store, not a reseller. They offer 'end of the line' specials for any machines that they have in stock in the store that are of the previous i.e. Nehalem generation. Timing is essential. You really have to go to the store as soon as Apple announces the new model because the store will ship back to Apple any unsold units.

Last March I bought an 8 core MacPro at the Apple Store for almost $1000. less than the retail price. It was an amazing deal so much so that I wound up buying a 2nd one. I called all of the Apple Stores in Canada to see which models were left in stock in which stores. My Apple guy then had a 2nd MacPro FedExed overnight clear across Canada for me. I didn't even have to pay the shipping.
I currently have a template running in my "old" 2.8 8 core that has over 50 vi's running. It's a combo of exs24's, K4, Omni, RMX and Ethno2. This computer is now over 2 years old.With the 32 bit bridge and Kontact's memory server I'm not getting any out of memory warning either and the cpu load isn't bad at all.
Thanks Dave, so an 8 core 2.26 should be on a similar level, I guess, right?

Also, how does the Symphony system go? Im about to get an ensemble.