Logic Pro 9 Vocal Track Not In Sync


I've been using Logic 9 for about a year now and all is pretty well except now that I'm starting to do vocals I've noticed that my vocal track is out of sync with everything else that's going on. I do have other audio tracks that are fine, it's just that the vocals are off by say half a second. I went through all the preference settings and made sure everything is correct to record. Im using a UA tube preamp into a Motu 828 interface. It goes in fine but when played back its off. Any information on how to correct this would greatly appreciated.
Do you by any chance have latency inducing plug-ins in your signal path when you are recording? Like maybe an Ad Limiter or Linear Phase EQ?
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Thanks for your response, but I checked and there's no plug ins in the signal path. I did some experimenting and figured out it was the Recording Delay in the Preference >Audio>Devices>Core Audio section. It wasn't set to zero for whatever reason and that was offsetting the vocal track. I'm trying to understand the need for this but for now I'm happy to have solved it.
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It's meant to compensate for delays that occur with some audio interfaces and drivers. if you are keeping it at 0 and it is working fine, just leave it and forget about it.
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