Logic Pro 9 vocal wobble fx

Hi All,

I'm trying to emulate the speed variation that an old record produced on a vocal. Does anyone one know of a plug-in other than iZotope's Vinyl plugin?

Judith Gruber-Stitzer
Logic's Tape Delay plug-in may give this sort of sound, if set appropriately. But it sounds closer to the speed variation produced by an old tape player than by an old record player. Some people do not make that distinction though, so I post this tip anyway.

FabFilter's FF Timeless 2 offers a little more options in this department.

Have you looked into creating this by automating Logic 9.x's Varispeed function?
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Hey Judith
I think you may be looking for Speakerphone 2 from Audioease.
It has an excellent gramophone simulator, surface crackle, wow and flutter etc.
Also lots of sims of various real players etc...
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