Logic Pro 8 Vocoder/Normalizing

I got a weird message the other day when using the EVOC vocoder. I create an AUX channel with my mic as the input. I BUS that signal into the sidechain of the EVOC and record the result. It seemed kind of low, volume-wise, and I did not want to boost the gain on my mic too much, so I attempted 'Normalizing' the resulting audio region.

I got an error from Logic 8 saying that 'the audio was already Normalized.'The waveform clearly did not appear like I would expect if it was truly normalized, and did not sound 'louder.'

Weird, right?

I've had that issue with the EVOC, that signal does not seem 'loud enough' - I'm using a pretty good handheld dynamic mic, and I have the gain set so that I'm getting a very good strong signal on non-vocoded tracks...why so low on vocoded tracks?

Peter Ostry

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For the normalizing:

You have probably a single spike somewhere, maybe a short click. This is not unusual with a vocoder. Normalizing doesn't "make loud" in the sense of the word. It pulls the highest peak up to 0 dB and the rest follows. If there is already one high peak, nothing happens and the region counts as normalized. You find such a click in the sample editor ("search peak").

For the vocoder:

You do not need a high mic input The vocoder itself determines the volume. Here is your level:

The example below was made with a very low mic input:

Audio example:

Peter Ostry

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Ok ot again I know but Peter what did yiu use to post the Audio example?
The player itself is installed in this forum.
I simply uploaded the file to a server and used the audio button of the editor ...

... to wrap an mp3 tag around the URL:
Thanks to all...

this forum is soooo much more useful and powerful and Peter gave us a stellar example of that : )

Great point about the spike in the audio file : )

I have a feeling this forum will be forevermore lush with audio examples and screenshots. Sometimes change isn't immediately appreciated until a real-world practical example of it is illustrated...