Logic Pro 8 voice robbing


I was orchestrating a piece with 40 different instruments going on at once, and i noticed that the system was voice robbing and it would randomly take out certain instruments at certain times because it couldnt handle it all. Is there a recommended limit in Logic that one should use regarding the number of software instruments that should be used at once?

I also was adding surround software instruments with non surround instruments and it seemed like this caused a problem as well. Is it recommended to not do this? For example, the surround brass, or cinema brass seemed to take up a lot of space.


You need to be more specific. Logic doesn't implement any kind of voice stealing or voice limitation on this kind of global level - meaning in terms of the whole project. Each specific instrument has voice limits, but if a whole instrument is cutting out, something else is the problem.

Is it possible that you have some software multi instruments and the combined total of the different instruments in the multi are exceeding the capacity of the instrument?

Related to this, there is a tool in the Environment to fix the maximum number of voices a specific instrument will be allowed to have pass through it. Maybe this will help limit the usage of voices on the individual channels of the multi - if that's the problem.
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