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hi, i am very new to this forum and i don't know if this question is placed in the the right section.

is there a way to convert an audio track (voice) to midi notes in logic?

i am pretty good in singing but never learned to play an instrument right. i have so many ideas but can't bring them to logic fast enough. until i figured out wich key is what i forgot the whole baseline for example.

if not in logic is there any au plugin that does that?
Yes and no.

I haven't used it for a long time, but there is an audio to score function. In order for it to work you need to sing very accurately and without vibrato if possible. It can be very hit and miss with normal singing.

Having said that, I imagine that using pitch correction plugin may make it better.
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Pete Thomas - "but there is an audio to score function"
Peter Ostry - I think the only plugin that does what you want is Melodyne.

I agree with the Mr.Thomas & the Mr.Ostry offers as a whole (for some reason I was a Melodyne Demo maker long time ago, so I'm quite familiar with voice to score). Both methods will require post editing for sure - Melodyne is recommended if the OP owns that app or plans to buy it...
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Native Instruments' "The Mouth"

Native Instruments "The Mouth" -- it will do real-time conversion and you can always export the midi file and assign other instruments.

You might also try things like ThumbJam (ipad/iphone) which will also to V2M and output midi (with proper settings).
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