Logic Pro 9 Voices to Channels and Separate Midi events


Hi all

I'm currently checking out the Voices to Channels option from the function menu in the Piano Roll, and reading about it in the manual. Though I'm not sure on something.

What I'm doing is

Creating one bar with the chord of A minor, and then choosing MIDI channel colours (rather then velocity colours etc) from the Piano Roll context menu.

I then select all 3 notes in the region and choose Voices to Channels and the 3 notes of A minor change colour, relative to the midi channel.

As the manual states, Logic Pro assigns MIDI channel numbers (in ascending order) to individual note pitches in the selected MIDI region. The highest note pitch in each chord is assigned as MIDI channel 1, the next note down in each chord channel 2, and so on.

So the midi notes are now assigned to midi channels with the highest pitch note being midi channel etc?

I then go to Midi > Separate Midi events > By event channel.

This then separates the 3 notes into independent tracks and regions, with midi notes staying the same Midi Channel Colours they were before.

Though when I look at the Inspector and check all 3 tracks they all have the same Midi Channel All, though I thought they would have their own midi channel (regions that is)?

Though do the tracks all the same midi channel and its the notes that change?

Many Thanks
I think, from memory, this parameter is a channeliser. In other words, it causes all notes on the track to playback on the selected channel no matter which channel the data actually contains. When set to "All" it means play the data on whatever channel it contains.

In other words, there is no need to set this to specific values in your case as the data is already on the desired channel, 1, 2, 3 etc.

If I'm wrong about this however, I'm sure someone will correct me.
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I was going through a Music Tech tutorial about this subject.

In this example, they selected a region, opened up the piano roll (highlighted all the notes, they don't say this, though in the pic the notes are highlighted) and choose, Functions > Note Events> Voices to Channels.

They then close the editor and choose - separate channels by event - after which all the notes now have their own midi region. It goes on to say 'try sending each of these lines to a different software instrument' I gather that means, reassigning the new tracks to new software instruments?

I noticed that when you actually change the software instrument of a new (separate notes by event channel) track (not reassign it) in the I/O menu, this changes all the new tracks to the same software instrument.
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