Logic Pro 8 Volume levels between ESX24 and MP3 playback


Hello everyone - I'm experiencing extreme differences in volume levels between track playbacks in my Arrange Window and the playbacks of MP3 files after Bouncing.

The Arrange Window playbacks are what I would like to hear - but after Bouncing to MP3, the playbacks are far too loud. So far, it seems I have to really squelch the volume levels of the ESX24 synths on all tracks to have a good volume level playback from the MP3 file - even this is only partially effective.

Is there any way monitor what the MP3 levels would be in the Arrange Window before I Bounce the Project? Thanks. -mmp
Sure... open your mixer and put a meter in the first insert. that will get you the actual output levels.

I usually add a gain plug-in in the first slot so I can readjust my levels before I add any additional processing on my output mix. you might want to try that as well, especially if you discover your master fader is pinned (way into the red).
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Is it possible you are normalizing in the bounce dialogue box? This could account for the discrepancy.

Also, what software are you playing back the MP3 files through? If it's iTunes, make sure there is no EQ boost happening behind the scenes in the hidden graphic EQ window.

Try bringing your mp3 file back into a fresh empty Logic project and play it back from an Arrange track there; and see if that yields any different results.
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Just a thought, but could it be that you have some sort of software processing after Logic but before you monitor? My sound card, for instance, defaults to putting a limiter and a compressor across the outputs that I monitor from. This means that anything being monitored is not a realistic representation of the levels of the bounced file from Logic as this processing takes effect after the master / stereo outs from Logic.
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