Logic Pro 9 Volume Problem - advice needed please


Hi all,

I have got this problem and can't seem to find a solution, so I am turning to you
guys and girls out here.

When I mastered a song in Logic 9 everything sounded great, and so does it when I play the MP3 version in Quicktime or similar.
But when I open the song in for instance Audacity then the waveforms hit the roof. (see the attached pic)

I have turned the stereo out and the master down in logic but it does not make any difference in Audacity. Any Advice??

Thanks in advance


PS the little bit up fron is the intro of the song which is a lot more quiet than the rest, and that is supposed to be :)


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Hmm does it sound distorted or just look like it. From the look of it, it looks like all contemporary music with heavy limiting on and I can't tell whether it's clipping or limiting from the look of it. If you used the Ad-Lim as the final plugin in your Logic master it's not distorted in the "above zero" sense but of course it may sound like it if it's limited too heavily.
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Hi and thanks for your reply.
No it's not distorted at all, and doesn't clip either.

Not too worried about it, but just that this is the first time it has happened to me :)


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The waveforms should hits the roof if you limited the track. That's what it's all about hitting zero but not beyond which would be clipping.
If you import the mix back into Logic and open the Sample Editor it should be equal to Audacity, Waveburner etc.
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