Logic Pro X Volume problem

Here I am coming to the end of production of a song and I hear after a cymbal hit in bar 17 beat 3 a severe volume decline in it’s ring out starting at the first beat of the next bar. All other cymbal ring outs are fine and are as performed/expected.
Now to make this even more of a challenge to figure out (at least for me) is that it only happens when I play the song from the top and not that section or even a bar ahead of it.
I can see nothing at all in either the volume automation as viewed in the piano roll nor in any volume changes at the instrument itself. None of the other auotmation (Mod., Exp., etc.) controls show anything suspicious either.
Where else might I look? Does this problem sound even vaguely familiar to anyone?
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Is it a MIDI cymbal? I've had that happen when there was a tiny sliver of the same note (usually from cutting up the arrangement and moving bits around) hiding underneath the MIDI note I'm seeing on the piano roll. Try sliding the cymbal up a semitone in the piano roll to see if there's something hiding there, and if there is delete it. It's the Note-Off from that little sliver that's killing the sample playback.