VST sampler and sequencer...help?!


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Hey all,

I used to produce using mainly reason and an MPC 1000. For my last release, I purchased logic to help me rewire and get everything mixed. It worked beautifully.

Now, for producing new work, I want to utilize more of logic. So I looked through all the VST's looking for something like Reasons 'ReDrum', or maybe something similar to an MPC interface. But the drum machine wont accept aif or wav, and the sampler lacks a sequencer. And I would love something that has multiple outs.

Which has lead me to think I need to purchase a VST sampler and sequencer, a new process for me. Has anyone got any suggestions?
I was under the impression that you couldn't just import a single wav or aif sample into it, only EXS kits or logic drum kits. Am I wrong?