VU meter



Was just wondering if there was a plugin for VU meter in Logic? I found a RMS level meter plugin, does that provide similar information as a VU meter? Are there commercially available VU meter plugins available that work well with Logic.

any feedback would be appreciated,,


Peter Ostry

Staff member
In digital world a VU meter is not very useful. There is no headroom available and if you calibrate the zero mark as your digital zero the upper range is useless. Use a RMS meter, a long lucent bar gives you better information than a needle. If you can, set the falldown time longer than it usually is because RMS meters are traditionally too fast.

Spectre for example is a sound-analyzing package with a lot of tools and with very good configurable meters. It has also the classic VU meter but well, those are more for the eyes than for measuring. A bar-type RMS meter with a hold function and slow falldown is always better, technically.