Logic Pro 9 Warning: 9.01 Crashed my templates, etc.


I just got happy again, I think. All I had to do was move L9.01 and Logic Node to the trash and reinstall good ole reliable L9.0 from my upgrade DVD. Just the minimal install of the Logic Pro app.
9.01 was real buggy for me. My templates, which I had re-saved in L9 from 8.02 were crashing Logic, my soundcard wasn't being seen at seemingly random times. I noticed the thread about TDM systems and thought I'd try the same fix. Yes, it worked for me too, it seems, and I thought I'd let everyone know. It could be an easy out if sick stuff is going on. Very simple to perform. Now, when Apple announces a fix for the TDM situation I can give that update a try perhaps.

I have Ivory, BFD, BFD2, Mirophil as AU. I also have some external midi hardware units. Now, back to 9.0 and it's all working again.

It can be real ugly how these seemingly minor updates upset the digestion of the bits and bytes more than the big ones!
Wrong. I spoke too soon. The behavior has changed a bit but the main problem is that regardless of whether I open one of my templates or try and create a brand new one, Logic 9 goes spinning ball or crashes when I go to save the work. So, I dead. And, as usual, I've done nothing but install new Apple software. I thought 9.01 was getting along with Snow Leopard, and that reverting to 9.0 would do the trick. Anyone have a suggestion on what I could try trashing, etc? I'm really screwed at the moment. I've tried to keep my music computer so clean, I don't do anything else on it except go on the Net for updates. It used to be, spend hours with Conflict Catcher to see who was putting out the incompatible stuff. Now, Apple does it all by itself. All my other computers here are happy with Snow Leopard, but Logic will not save any new work now, it bombs.
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