Logic Pro 7 & earlier Was there a Gold/Silver version of Logic 5?


Was there a Gold or Silver version of Logic 5? Also, I heard that you don't need a hardware dongle with either Silver and/or Gold. Can anyone confirm this?

Finally, where might I be able to find such a version without time travel?

I've posted here before. I'm looking for Logic 5.4 because it (i believe) was the first version to run on Mac OS X, but is the last version before the ESX24 mk I was replaced with mk II. Mk II is different, and I have a bunch of old instruments that cannot be replicated in mk II (the modulation matrix is different, as well as the filter if I remember correctly).

Anyway, I've heard that some people are able to get Logic 5.4 to read their dongle on Snow Leopard, but mine won't for some reason. Yes, I am authorized on my dongle to open it, as the same dongle launches it on Power PC no problem. Anyway, I heard that versions lesser than Platinum require no dongle, and I would love to get ahold of them.

Yes there was a version of Silver, and Gold Logic. They required floppy disc authorizations if I remember correctly. The didn't have many if any of the build in instruments, they were extra at the time.

FYI Notator Logic V1 was Mac and not PC. The PC thing was different, it was based on the old Atari Notator program. I can't remember when it went OCS but it was very soon after it came out (that was 10 years ago now).

I would be completely surprised if you got a PPC music app, with all the extra non native stuff (preference panes, and extensions for things like old Pro 7 dongles), to even work a bit on Snow Leopard and and intel cpu.

I thing you'd be better off grabbing a second hand G4 or G5, they are really cheap used, throw and old version of OS 9 on the thing and then just install Logic Platinum on it. You might still need the extra CD for EXS authorization.

Check out this info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logic_Audio
The Logic 8 Studio upgrade was available to Logic 5 users with EITHER the Platinum or Gold dongle. Silver was the parallel of Logic Express. I purchased the Platinum 5 Logic while Emagic was still a going concern, and later purchased some used hardware that included the Logic 5 Gold dongle. I doubt if the seller of the hardware knew that the Gold dongle made me eligible for a $300 discount on the then current Logic 8. I jumped on the Logic 8 and 9 upgrades, using my Platinum dongle. And, feeling benevolent as to my windfall, gave the Gold dongle to my son, who also upgraded!

Heck of a deal!

My Platinum dongle was only authorized for use on a PC. Not sure about the other Gold one, but it was possible to have both PC and Mac authorizations on the same dongle.

Can't imagine not being to re-create something that is so dear to you. A friend was elated when I transferred a children's musical he scored from his only copy, a DAT tape. Played it back into Logic and burned a CD for him. He had not heard it for almost twenty years, and the studio that made it had closed.