Logic Pro 9 Watch Score Part While Recording - How?


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I've improvised a part on a viola track and would like to watch the score part while recording the viola track. Is this possible?

Every time I try it goes to the track I'm recording on. Maybe there is a way to open the part in another window so it can act independently from what i'm doing in the arrange window.

Any ideas?

Set the Score Editor to Same Level Link.

I'm kinda confused: You recorded your viola improvisation on a software instrument track?
You're now going to record another viola part while viewing the Score of the improv?
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Thanks for the reply. It looks like I edited my original post and didn't proofread. Here's the scoop.

I want to be able to watch a part from a previous recording while recording a new part.

In this example, I had recorded a viola part and wanted to watch the part while recording a fiddle.

Commonly, I record a bass part and want to watch it while recording a drum or key track.

Is there a way to do this?

When I try now, it always pushes me back to the score of the part that I'm recording.
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That makes perfect sense.

Adjust the visibility (amount of on-screen space) of the Arrange and Score editor as needed. Adjust the zoom level of the score editor to taste.

Make sure that the Catch playhead position (person walking) button is on (blue) in both windows.

Set the Score Editor to Same Level Link. (purple).

Do a quick record test for final visibility adjustments.
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Thank you for the detailed response.

I think I was on the brink of getting it working. However, now I have it locked in a mode where it shows all of the parts (about ten parts) instead of just displaying one at a time.

Can you tell me how to get out of this mode?

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So the plot thickens...

You click and hold on the Link level button to change its status.

But for this situation, do not switch out of Same Level Link.

In the score editor, click on an empty area on the staff that you want to read while recording (e.g. just after the time signature). The staff will turn green. In the score editor local Layout menu, choose Create Score Set From Selection. Assuming your track is properly named as well as the region or regions on that track, you'll notice in the top level of the inspector that a score set with that specific track name is created, and that only that track is visible.

Now you can record your new instrument track with only the track(s) associated with the active score set visible.
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CSeye's suggestions work just fine, but there is a simpler way.

Open the score editor. Turn the link button off. It will now never change its display of tracks when you record or select a track in the arrange area. I typically have a screenset dedicated to an unlinked score editor. This way I can double click in the background to see the whole score, double click on a track to view just that.

If you need to view more than one track but not all tracks:

You can filter out tracks/regions displayed by using score sets, muting tracks and/or regions and filtering those out in the SE settings, and lastly you can filter regions in the Arrange area by unchecking the score box in the regions parameter area of the Inspector.

CSeye's method for creating score sets in the score editor works great, you can also create a score editor screenset in the arrange window by selecting the tracks you want and then using the the key command Command 3 to open the score editor window.
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Hi Doug,

The Screenset for the unlinked SE is a very cool tip.:thmbup:

I was leaning towards unchecking Score in the Inspector but then went with the Score Set solution.

Looks like I forgot about muting regions in the Arrange as way of filtering what appears in the SE.

At any rate, you really covered all bases for the benefit of the OP's questions. All very useful solutions.

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