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Colin Shapiro

For all LUG members:
There's an update to Waveburner - 1.6.1:

WaveBurner 1.6.1 release notes

  • Resolves an issue where Mastering Notes were not saved with WaveBurner documents.
  • WaveBurner no longer quits unexpectedly if Auto Render is running when a disc is burned.
  • Changes to settings in AudioUnit plug-ins are now reliably maintained.
  • It is now possible to enter a 12-digit UPC/EAN code.
  • WaveBurner no longer sometimes quits unexpectedly if "Revert to saved" is used while a project is rendering.
  • Changes to automation curves edited during playback are now immediately audible.
  • The checkbox for the option to Save Rendering Data in the WaveBurner preferences is now accessible.
  • WaveBurner now reliably adapts the GUI accurately for AudioUnit plug-ins that support resizing.
  • The mix lane now updates immediately to reflect changes when working at or near the sample level.
  • Automation now reliably remains in sync with audio when projects are bounced or burned.
  • Exported DDP images now include the UPC/EAN code.
"12-digit UPC/EAN code" Cool, I've only been waiting for this feature since WaveBurner first emerged.

DDP support was the only other thing missing from WaveBurner. I love this program now! There is no better mastering software, period.
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no real difference. same plugins. you get more automation options in Logic, of course. Honestly, these days, I generally do the effects processing in different tracks of Logic, then export and burn in WaveBurner for trimming, track sequencing and spacing or crossfading between tracks. WB is a kick-ass burn program. The best there is. My last project was an instructional audio CD. I edited the whole thing in Logic. Set up markers to indicate track start points. Exported as SD2 format. Imported into WB parsing markers as track splits, and voila: filled out the remaining CD text data (markers auto-populated all the track names) and hit burn. So kewl!
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I recently did a live CD and I mixed and "mastered" each track individually with a common plugin chain on the output. When satisfied with each track, I bounced it without the "mastering chain" to 24 bit w/o any dithering.
Then I could easily put together the show in WB and make very nice transitions between the tracks and then applied a similar chain of mastering plugs that I had used as "target" when I mixed. And then just add some extra polish on top...

It was the first time I really made full use of WB and it was a joy to use.
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