Logic Pro 9 waveburner


a guy brought me his mixtape to do some "mastering" and id the tracks. i loaded it into waveburner and id'd all the tracks. being a mixtape there is no space between any tracks. i had every track set so there was no space, i listened to them all, and they were seamless. so i burn the cd, put it in the cd player just to double check, and theres a pause between tracks 3 and 4. i go back into waveburner and double check that there is no space. try burning another cd. same thing happens. i delete the whole session and start over. same thing happens. now i import it into logic, cut it all up into seperate tracks. i put it back into waveburner, and the the same thing!!!! im going insane now. anyway, i finally put it on another computer that has jam, and it works perfectly. anyone else ever have this problem?
Did you try a couple of other CD players to eliminate the possibility that the CD player could be faulty?

Did you also try throwing out WB's preferences?

I hope you can get to the bottom of this one.
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