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When I record a solo guitar part, the waveform drawn as I play looks normal. When I hit "stop" and the final waveform is drawn, the pick attack at the start of each note is drawn more toward the lower half of the wave form. This is not the case when using a mic--the waveform looks normal. Why is this, and does it matter? I am recording to a mono track. I've attached an image (at least I think I have).

Logic 8.02, MacBook Intel 2.0, Fender Strat




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An additional bit of info is that the waveform distortion almost disappears if I bypass the dbx 166xl compressor. Does this make any sense?

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If you feel that the pick part of the waveform sounds a bit low you could try either normalizing the waveform or applying a little compression to even out this 'glitch'.

If you are applying compression with a great deal of gain output (looks like that is what you are doing in your second question) then you will produce a 'distorted' looking waveform so ease off on this.
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