Waves 7 in Logic 9


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I've been using IR-1 (waves v7) in Logic 9 for a couple years, no problems. I just updated to kontakt 5 (from 4) and installed LASS 2.0 for some new string samples. Now when I open a file in Logic, I get the message that IR-1 and the rest of it's bundle is not available, and it doesn't show up in audio units, even when I rescan.

Especially bizarre because ProTools is still seeing the same waves plugins without a problem.

Any ideas? Thank you!
Hi there, welcome to the LUG.

Have you tried running the Waves AU Reg Utility? It can be found in /Applications/Waves/Waveshells.

I can't say for sure whether this will solve your particular problem, but it is one of the standards to try when trouble with Waves AUs crops up.

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After opening up a few more sessions, I found that a couple of other non-waves plug-ins were missing as well, and I asked Native Instruments if Kontakt 5 could have screwed up how logic was performing it's AU scan. They had me delete the AU cache (which I had actually already tried), but this time, open logic right after in 32-bit mode first where it apparently does a better job of scanning AU. After that, it was able to open it in 64 bit and still see the plug-ins. I didn't realize that about 32 bit mode. Good to know. Problem solved, everything works now.

Thank you for the waves recommendation, though. I wasn't aware of that, and I'm sure I'll inevitably need it in the future.