Waves Silver bundle

Waves do it yourself packs...

If you think that you would use all of the plug-ins in Silver it may be worth it to download the trial version and listen to them. Waves allows for a generous trial period. If you're thinking about spending the money- isn't it worth it to give them a try? You can use the plugs for 30 days or 30 instantiations. Go to this page and click 'Get Demo' and follow the directions- you need to create an iLok account if you don't have one already:


One program that is new from Waves is the 'Do It Your Waves' program, where you can customize your Waves package with the most desirable plugs you want. For example, I love Logic's Delay Designer, thus I hardly ever use 'Super Tap' one of the plugs that comes in the Silver Bundle- why spend money on a plug-in I may never use? So Waves allows you to pick and choose among a very popular assortment of plug ins for a very good price. So maybe you are unsure about spending the $650 or so on the Silver Bundle, perhaps you can design a plug in bundle that is more useful to you at less money here:


There are three ways to 'do it your Waves' - the first way is 'Artist Choice' basically a few collections of favorite plugins by some 'famous guys...' The second way is 'Quick Choice' where you can choose a few plugs from a list of plugs at a great price. The third choice is 'Custom Choice' where you can mix or match 3 or more plug ins À la carte...

Regardless of what you decide- I would give all of the plug-ins you are interested in a thorough demo, there's no reason anyone should have to buy Waves blind, or on the advice of a user group. You can demo individual plug-ins, or whole bundles. Remember that you also will save money by going through a Waves Dealership, and dealerships can discount the 'Do It Your Waves Program' as well.



Thanks for good advice.
I wish they had the No Crappy Bounce plugin collection:), but i have faith, i guess it takes a few months to know your way around that gear. Just hope it's as good as they say.
Do you know the Radio Ready collection?