Logic Pro 9 Weird distortion on vocal track - help needed please


Hi all,

Hope this is the right place to post, but I am having some weird trouble on a vocal track I am recording.

I just played the track back, and from a certain part in the track, I get some really weird distortion / over modulation on the vocals.
When I look at the automation data, then I can see the yellow volume line, but I can also see 2 dark green lines, and that is where the distortion comes from.

The only thing I can not find is as to where or which effect, that line comes from. It seems to have "popped" up from nowhere, as last night when I was mastering the whole song, it was not there!?

I know this is a bit vague, but any advice would be greatly appreciated
I have also attached a screen shot of the problem to this message

Thanks in advance,


PS I use logic 9 on a macbook


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Hi thanks for the reply but the problem is solved.
For some unknown reason I had automation on an EQ.

As they said on the other board; very late night mastering lol
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Possible unknown reason for automation: Using touch or latch mode for something else (volume?) and then forgetting to set automation mode back to read and then inadvertently tweaking plug in parameters - therefore generating unplanned for automation?
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