Logic Pro (X) Weird flickering mouse pointer?



I have had some trouble with LPX lately. I have been using it since release with no real issues, and now my mouse pointer, instead of changing to a different picture when I hover over the top corner or the end of a region, either flickers or stays the same. This is annoying for obvious reasons.

Does anyone know how I can sort this out?

Does anyone know how I can sort this out?
It can be a graphic acceleration issue cause LogicX requires Quartz Extreme. If the QE/CI does not work properly (it is hardware) them you will have such issues with LogicX.
For example Logic 9 and the other former versions did not use QE/CI so you could run them under disabled QE/CI etc.
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Thanks for that. I'm not entirely sure what Quartz Extreme is, but i'm commencing Googling now. I'm betting I don't have it.

Thanks for the help.
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