Logic Pro 9 Weird MIDI behaviour.



Just installed Logic 9 and I am currently working on an old Logic Express 8 project. I have some tracks running the softdrum kit Pop drum and they are playing. I can hear the sound. However when I make a new region on these tracks and plot drumparts, the parts are not being heard. They are only seen on the track meter. When I try to load a new softdrum track like Cavern Kit, the same thing happens. I plot the drums, they are not heard, only seen in the track meter.
Probably just a small thing I have overlooked, but cant seem to see it now.
Help anyone?

Thanks, :)
Are you sure the songs were not Logic 7 based files to begin with? I have had nothing but problems with Logic 7 or earlier based Logic files in Logic Pro 8 or 9. When they did the major upgrade of the audio engine , they broke some of the internal "wiring" of Logic... I have seen and heard of many issues like this.

That is my best guess.


Hmm, I created the project in Express 8, so they must be from there right? The internal wiring thing makes sense, since I can create a new project from scratch and get the softdrums working right away.

Does the midi instrument play on new sessions as well? Can you see in the VI if it is actually receiving data? Any midi data indicator blinking?
How many VIs are going? What is the overall level of your CPU meter?